Marcus’s Guide to Bumbershoot 2013 which is Now Unneeded Because Bumbershoot is Over…

Directions and Other Cool Things

Entrances are mainly to the North side entrance to the Seattle needle and the Fountain, near Mccaw Hall. Walking in, there are similar vendors to those seen at the other local Festivals such as Folklife and Pride. These vendors include everything from handmade clothing to deep fried PBJs.

Bumbershoot had 7 main music stages including 1 for press only. The main stage was placed in the Key Arena to make the popular bands more accessible. This was an interesting decision; however, I do not think that it worked as smoothly as it should have because of wait time. I had never heard of people waiting for 3 hours for a band at a festival until I tried to see Death Cab For Cutie on Sunday.

Throughout the festival one could get a free bandana from the Toyota tent, a free T-Shirt from the Tune-in tent, and free drink samples and granola everywhere! I am currently still sustaining my cheap lifestyle with bags of granola I picked up at Bumbershoot.

Flatstock located in the Armory was full of amazing designs and cool reasonably priced artwork that could decorate a whole house for under $100.


Saturday was filled with hip hop and for those of you, who do not know Seattle’s local hip hop scene, please rethink your life. Getting to the festival early my colleagues (Jasmine and Mckenna), because we’re professionals, began to plan out our days at the shoots.  We started very local with Dave B and slowly moved through Nacho Picasso and Grynch. Grynch I would like to mention threw an amazing show bringing on stage fellow Rapper SOL and well known producer Budo.

Though I had the chance to see great bands like Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, Watsky and ZZ Ward, the best concert of the day in my opinion was thrown by Thao & the Get Down Stay Down. Thao’s talent and awkward sexual charisma shines through her performance beautifully.


Sunday was filled with great bands, however I did not know many of the bands in depth. I started with Tegan and Sara, begrudgingly missing the Mowglis. Tegan and Sara, who I had learned to love as an angsty acoustic duo, played the main stage with a full band and full lights. The performance blew me away. Tegan and Sara’s talent and presence should be envied even by other main stage performers.

The day ended, after a 3 hour long line with Death Cab For Cutie and what a perfect ending it was! The band knew exactly what Seattle wanted, and that was a performance of the album Transatlanticism.


Monday was the day I had most looked forward to. It started with Alt J preceded with St. Paul de Vence, the Kopecky Family Band, SOL, and ended with Trampled by Turtles.

Alt J performed as one should expect, energetic, emotional and beautiful. St. Paul de Vence a band quite local to Seattle played with joy and enthusiasm which made it very fun. The Kopecky Family Band played an extremely fun set list which had the whole crowd dancing and craving more. SOL with his connection to Seattle had the most loving crowd I have seen in a while. Trampled by Turtles played an emotional and fun show that could not be replicated by anyone else.

Trampled by Turtles

Because of my love for Trampled by Turtles I feel compelled to have a separate section just for them. First of all, in concert the band stands in order of beard size. The band consists of a violinist, a mandolin player, a banjo player, and a guitarist/singer. The band has a talent that I have not found with any other band, and that talent is of the bands ability to play upbeat folk style music that is emotional, deep, and catchy. I was able to see them in the press stage. By the end of the concert the band had at least 3 people in the crowd crying as well as had a group of 40 to 50 year olds in standing ovation.

The feel of the Trampled by Turtles concert was a perfect representation of Bumbershoot. Music, Art, Love, and fun, Bumbershoot is a wonderful Seattle landmark that, with its troubles and its successes, has given thousands of people fantastic lifelong memories.


-Marcus Shriver, Melodica Etraordinaire/Social Media and Outreach Director


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