Show Preview: Budo at Barboza

Budo with Iska Dhaaf and DJ Thig Natural

This Thursday (10/10), Neumos is presenting Budo, Iska Dhaaf and DJ Thig Natural at Barboza. The show is to celebrate and promote the release of Budo’s new record the Finger and the Moon.

If you don’t know Budo, it’s probably been a long time since you’ve listened to any rap worth listening to. Budo has produced mostly for Grieves (his Facebook says they were writing and touring for four years straight), but Budo has also done collaborations with Grynch, Macklemore and Atmosphere, amongst others. The few tracks released off Budo’s new record tell a new story. Budo’s tracks resonate with the slower, darker tracks that he produced for Together/Apart with Grieves. The music has a slow and dramatic quality while also not straying far from the upbeat remixes that Budo has been known for as of late. He also takes a large part in making the music, bringing out vocals, keys, guitars and even trumpets. It’s safe to say that this album has been anticipated by not only the greater Seattle area, but from anyone that’s been reached by Budo’s great music.

Preceding Budo will be Iska Dhaaf and DJ Thig Natural. Iska Dhaaf’s beats are rhythm heavy, and have an international feel to them. They just released two songs (is that really an EP?) at the start of September, so I am sure they will have more new jams on the way. DJ Thig Natural is known for his work with The Physics, a hometown favorite hip-hop group. The Physics have been on tour for some time, but maybe DJ Thig Natural will give us a taste of their upcoming album, Digital Wildfire.


-Bill Koch,  Semi-Professional Can Opener/ General Manager


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