My Obsession With Laura Stevenson and a Fascination with Tim Kasher: A Preview for Their Concert at Barboza in Seattle

On Oct. 12 Tim Kasher and Laura Stevenson will be playing at Barboza.

I will begin with Laura Stevenson because I have been following her for quite a while now. Laura Stevenson, often associated with the folk punk community, is a talent that I don’t think I can describe in words. The lyrics that Laura writes are very strong and very controversial but not in a way that immediately strikes the listener as a “protest song”. She is a master at embedding controversy, emotions, and beauty in the sound of her songs. To make her music even stronger, and even more wonderful to listen to, she is a very talented musician on guitar as well as vocally. The way Laura plays guitar is an interesting mix between beach rock guitar and folk punk that creates a happy but urgent sound. Laura’s vocal range is comparable with more popular artists such as Regina Spektor, though it gives a much different feel. The way she sings is strong and loud, yet somehow vulnerable, which is where Laura is found attractive to those with hidden emotions.

Tim Kasher is a quickly rising pop punk/rock artist. His music gives off a feeling of a day at the beach. This day might begin in a relaxing way, but ends as an epiphany driven mental breakdown. Tim’s sound is very easy to listen to, due to his very clean guitar and his clean, but unique, voice. Tim and Laura are an interesting match-up with their mix of punk and pop, as well as their contrasting styles in writing and I am sure that it will mix into a beautiful concert.

-Marcus Shriver, Gum Wallet Carrier/Social Media and Outreach Director


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