Wavves and My Recent Interest in the Band: A Preview for Wavves Concert Oct 19th at The Neptune Theater

Recently I’ve been getting many music suggestions and, to be honest, I’ve just been putting them on my never-ending list of music that I will eventually (probably never) listen to. One of these suggestions somehow got through, and I am very glad it did; it was for a band named Wavves.

Wavves is a pop punk project, centered around Nathan Williams. It has an interesting catchy and somewhat dark surf rock feel to it. The band has progressed from surf rock albums, such as King of the Beach, to an edgier pop punk album, Afraid of Heights. This is how Wavves caught me. Being a huge fan of bands like Joyce Manor, songs like Demon to Lean On (with its eerie sounding lyrics) just seem to understand me. Though this is why the band captured my ears, it has many other attractive aspects. The band reflects its surf rock roots with a poppy sounding snare drum and high poppy power chords.

On October 19 the band will be playing at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle. This concert happening so close to the release date of their album Afraid of Heights will certainly be one of excitement, discovery, and pop punk!

By Marcus Shriver / An actual lamp / Social Media and Outreach Coordinator


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