SU’s Culture and Language Bridge Program – 1st Broadcast of the Year, October 25th at 8 A.M.

KSUB has partnered with the Culture and Language Bridge Program at SU to bring multicultural broadcasts to the world, including bilingual broadcasts, music and culture interviews, and language lessons. Every Friday from 8-10 am, international students from a wide range of countries come on the air to give a lesson in their home language, with the aim of helping any potential travelers learn a few basic phrases, along with a better understanding of a given foreign country – whether listeners find themselves traveling there, or if they simply speak to someone from a different background on a city street in Seattle, or even here on campus!

CLB’s first broadcast of the year takes place this Friday (10/25). Go to and tune in at 8 am for language lessons in Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Lao and Mandarin.


Audio Lessons (left-click to stream recordings, right-click and select “Save Link As” to download recordings):


Indonesian, 1st Lesson



Indonesian, 2nd Lesson




Type-Written Lessons:

Cantonese 1 – 10/25

French 1 – 10/25

Indonesian 1 – 10/25

Japanese 1 – 10/25

Lao 1 – 10/25

Mandarin 1 – 10/25



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