Flatstock 2013: Music Festivals and Posters!

I am sitting here-over one month later- reflecting on my time spent at Flatstock 2013. After a summer of trying to stay motivated in creating my own art I looked forward to spending pieces of my Labor Day Weekend at Bumbershoot’s annual print and poster mini-festival within the large art & music extravaganza. Flatstock took place in the Armory Building at Seattle Center.

This year, Flatstock featured over 30 artists, and while it looked smaller than last year, the slightly diminished body of work  that was displayed certainly did not disappoint. Located in the food court, this group of artists was sure to draw a crowd and guaranteed a few new fans. Local Seattle favorites such as Row Boat Press, Frida Clements and Broken Press as well as recognizable out-of-towners like Doe Eyed were all present. All booths were selling prints, answering questions and some were even blasting music of their own choosing. This gig poster oasis is just what every art nerd and over-heated Bumbershoot-er needed in the middle of any (or all) concert-filled day(s).

Screen-printed poster by Eric Nyffeler of Doe Eyed design/illustration Studio Source: http://weandthecolor.com/graphic-poster-illustrations-by-doe-eyed/17848

Flatstock seemed more intimate this year which made it easy to converse with your favorite artists about more than just a transaction. To see the artists behind recognizable works such as gig posters for the XX or Father John Misty made said posters so much more dynamic; it is so fun to see the personal style of an artist appear all over themselves from the way they speak with their hands to the way they choose to dress or dye their hair. Attending Flatstock this year at Bumbershoot was, without a doubt, the highlight of my weekend. Experiencing such a large quantity of 2-D art in a dynamic setting such as this is hard to come across. If you get the chance to view gig poster art in the near future, JUMP AT IT! There’s nothing like schmoozing with artists that love what they create.

Hand-illustrated, silk-screened poster by Frida Clements Source: http://fridaclements.com/

As an artist, graphic design student and overall appreciator of all fine art/music fusions, I may have a completely biased view of Flatstock but try to tell me that you can’t see where I’m comin’ from after you go next year (because you will all want to go now) or even when you go to a rad show with a beautiful show poster. There is no denying that gig art presentation has a sort of expiration date and anonymity in the public. Flatstock, you truly spoiled me by putting all of this wonderful music-inspired artwork in one place for the weekend. To say that I’m excited for next year would be an understatement!

Hand stencil/spray painted Moby poster created at Stubborn Sideburn Source: http://www.stubbornsideburn.com/2013/09/19/moby-poster/

-McKenna Haley, Master of the Jogging Stroller, Promotions Director at KSUB


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