Earl Looks Better in a Sweatshirt Than Tyler

A Preview for the Earl Sweatshirt Concert at the Neptune Theater Oct. 30th in Seattle

Lately there have been a few big artists coming out with music rap that is slow, meaningful, and slightly angry. Among these artists are Tyler the Creator, P.O.S., and Earl Sweatshirt. Though Earl Sweatshirt is not the most well-known of these artists he is a master at his style.

Those  of you who have inattentively listened to Tyler the Creator and/or Earl Sweatshirt could easily slip Earl onto the long list of those following Tyler and his style. Earl, however, takes Tyler the Creator’s style to the next level. Tyler is amazing at getting anger through to his listeners; Earl is able to capture this same anger while rapping about socially relevant issues.

Earl’s writing has a punk-ish (technical term) feeling. You might distinguish this style when listening to P.O.S as well. This writing style aims at change through lyrics while creating music that is powerful and easy to bob your head to.

As a former part of the rap collective Odd Future, which produced Tyler the Creator, Earl is in great company. At only 19 years old Earl is signed to Columbia Records as well as producing his own music through his own label Tan Cressida.

For those looking for a Hip Hop concert showcasing a young rapper the Earl Sweatshirt Concert at The Neptune Theater on Oct. 30th is perfect.

Marcus / A Manual iPhone Charger / KSUB Social Media and Outreach Director


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