What is This Liquid On My Shirt? It’s Happiness

A Review of The Streetlight Manifesto Concert on Oct 20 at the Neptune Theater, presented by Take Warning Presents

As I walked into the general admission section of the Neptune I was surprised to see that the front standing section was almost to capacity. I had gone to the Frank Turner show at the Neptune on October 18th and it was about half as full as the Streetlight Manifesto show. The stage was dark and a man with a bowl cut was performing while showing a wonderful slide show about peace and the world. As the lights turned on I noticed that it was Mike Park, the owner of Asian Man Records and a former member of the band Skankin’ Pickle. His set was awesome, and included songs that he wrote for his children.

The next opener was Dan Potthas, who I only knew from the split EP he had done with Tomas Kalnoky from Streetlight Manifesto, is the former singer of the Ska band MMU 330. Dan has recently been working with Asian Man Records as a single performer. His set was super fun and mixed the feel of a ska concert and what I can only describe as a folk punk feel.

The crowd, me especially, patiently awaited Streetlight Manifesto’s appearance. When they finally arrived on stage we were all feeling the excitement in the room as well as the sobering fact that their performance that night could have been the last time we would see this band play. As soon as the music started, from the back of the general admission area, I was thrown into a crowd-wide sway and push party. The set list consisted mostly of old songs (it only had about 4 songs off of their new album the Hands That Thieve). The crowd was awesomely energetic and everyone around me and I were all yelling the words to every song as we pushed each other and tried to skank ( The art of Ska dancing) in an insufficient amount of space. The concert ended with The Big Sleep (they ended with the same song 3 years ago, the last time I saw them). The ending moments were sad, happy, and uncomfortable. It was sad because we knew that this concert might be the last time we would ever see Streetlight Manifesto. It was happy because the concert was amazing. Every time I have seen Streetlight Manifesto, Tomas Kolnaky’s musical perfectionism pays off as every song sounds better than it does on record. It was uncomfortable because I was soaked in sweat, beer, and happiness.

Marcus / A Trombone’s Pediatrician / KSUB Social Media and Community Outreach Director


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