The Limousines: Small Crowd, Big Music

The Limousines are a 3 piece indie/dance/pop band from San Francisco California that played at Chop Suey on Monday, October 21st. Their set up included two electronic tables, a bass, a couple floor toms, and a mic. I was a little worried that instruments would drown each other out, but that went away after I heard the first song. These guys were the kings of multitasking as they focused on their electronics, instruments, and sang at the same time.  Eric Victarino’s voice was on point the whole night and he definitely worked the crowd very well. By the end of the set, a majority of the crowd was dancing despite the small venue. Unlike most electronic sets, their sound never really got old and the energy only continued to grow with a small crowd of under 40 people.

My favorite song of the show was probably when they played the song from their last album “Last Dance.” What seems to be a trap inspired song (the beat almost reminds me of a Purity Ring track) had the venue shaking as the Giovanni Giusti smashed the heck out of his drums like you could ever imagine. The band utilized, almost excessively, the fog machine throughout the show. It definitely set the mood and worked well with their own light show and strobe lights. I’d say the only thing I had a hard time dealing with was the fact that they ONLY played songs from their second album. If you came to sing a long to songs from their first album, you were in for a huge disappointment. Either way, it was a great dance filled night at Chop Suey that left almost everyone in the crowd with at least some minor sweat.

– Joe Manuel / The Skrub at KSUB / First Year DJ


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