Ind(i)ependent Records are Helpful When Adding Up the Wasted Hours

A Preview for The Lonely Forest Concert at the Neptune Theater  in Seattle Washington on November 9th

Hailing from Anacortes, Washington, it’d be pretty difficult for any self-identifying Seattle Music Enthusiast to avoid the catchy, indie rock sound of The Lonely Forest. Though the band has some name competition with the Lonely Island, I believe the Lonely Forest’s music is original enough to shine through the large selection of Washington musicians. At the core of their music is Jon Van Deusen’s strong and unique voice. Paired with catchy drums and spacey guitar and piano, the Lonely Forest has a very universal appeal.

On November 9th the Lonely Forest will be playing the Neptune Theatre in Seattle. With openers Cumulus and BellaMaine this indie heavy concert will be a wonderful record release show for The Lonely Forest’s new album Adding Up the Wasted Hours.


Marcus Shriver / A belittled and living in an ant suburbia / KSUB Community Outreach and Social Media Director


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