KSUB Finds Festival-Fresh Fun at Fresh Fest (photo gallery)

About one month ago, we here at KSUB kicked off our year of bringing bands to campus with Fresh Fest. The event was a great introduction to KSUB style shows for new students at Seattle U, and a welcome back to everyone who already knows us! We set up a stage in front of the library, and jammed to the likes of Fuzz Alderaan, CHARMS, and Tangerine; all three of which are great representations of the fantastic music scene that surrounds us here at SU.

First up was Fuzz Alderaan. When we were setting up the stage and Fuzz showed up, I knew it was going to be a good time. He was a fun guy who kept joking around with us as we were putting the stage together. Fuzz plays all by himself, but does a great job of filling the air with music, which got the crowd moving, and drew in passerby on the lower mall.

Next, we had CHARMS play – they played last year at a KSUB studio session, so it was great to see old friends come back and play with us again. These guys are masters of mixing vocal effects into their music, and they aren’t afraid to show off what they can do!

Finally, it was Tangerine’s turn. I can’t imagine a more quintessential band to have at a FRESH fest than one named after a fruit. When they took the stage, Tangerine put their drummer in the corner, right in front of our floor lamp which we brought to the stage for ambiance. This was one of my favorite parts of the night, as you could see how intense the song was based on the swaying of the lamp!

If you didn’t make it out for the show, we missed you! However, we have plenty of bands who come and play with KSUB – head on over to our site and check out the events page to see who’s coming up next for us!

– Bill Koch / Can Operate Coffee Maker While Still Half Asleep With Greater Than 80% Success Rate / KSUB General Manager

The show was pretty rad, no? Well here are some photos to help reFRESH your memory (you really can’t blame me for that one).


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