Kung Foo Grip the Microphone and Record Those Nova Beats

A Preview for the Kung Foo Grip Concert at the Vera Project in Seattle On November 15th

A little more raw than most rap coming out Seattle lately, Kung Foo brings back the sounds of old school West Coast rap. With connections to rappers such as Jarv Dee, Kung Foo Grip is as local to Seattle as you can get but has a very unique sound. Using original beats mixed with interesting lyrics that tell hazy stories along with flow that I can only compare Kung Foo to rappers coming out of California; much like the Game, Kung Foo Grip is a rap enthusiast’s dream experiment.

Though I admit Kung Foo Grip’s music is not as universal as some of Seattle’s lighter rap and hip hop, their music is extremely well versed in both rap and hip hop techniques. Both Greg and Fish have their own styles representing a different story from Seattle that can only be shared through their music. Having released their album Growing Up In The Future this January, Kung Foo Grip does not look like they are going to slow down. I suggest that you put your own Kung Foo Grip on to their band wagon before there are no more handles.

On November 15th Kung Foo Grip will be playing a show at The Vera Project in Seattle. This concert is a benefit for Nova Beats, a music program for students at The Nova Project (a local Seattle high school). With opener Keyboard Kid, an instrumental music project, this concert will be very interesting musically, as well as very high energy.

Marcus Shriver / A Door to Door Mitten Salesman / KSUB Community Outreach and Social Media Director


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