The Most Unusual of All Cover Bands

A Preview for the 2Cellos Show At The Moore on November 17th

In your lifetime, you’ve heard a million cover bands. The main problem with them is that they aren’t really all that revolutionary. These bands play the same songs as the original bands, the instruments are the same, and you get something that’s pretty similar to the original sound. Here’s where that all stops. This Sunday at the Moore, you can see 2Cellos – a group that qualifies as a cover band, but is unlike any you’ve ever seen.

2Cellos is composed of two Croatian cellists who cover mainly rock songs. If you’re a fan of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, then this video might be for you. This video brought 2Cellos to world-wide fame in early 2011. Since then, they’ve been signed to Sony Masterworks and have released two albums. They’ve covered many songs, from Trent Reznor’s Hurt to Sting’s Every Breath You Take. On top of that, the duo still play classical pieces, and still want to go on tour with both a classical and contemporary orchestra. This show is sure to be a great way to shake up your view of cover bands, and could even help bring you across the bridge that connects the land of rock music to the land of classical music.

– Bill Koch / Strongly Prefers Crunchy Peanut Butter / KSUB General Manager


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