James Blake Conquers David Bowie, Next Up Showbox SoDo

I first got into James Blake when I saw that he had worked with RZA on his 2013 release Overgrown. I didn’t expect to listen to anything besides the RZA verse but somewhere along the way I got lost in the vast soundscape that is James Blake’s music. It is not something that is easy to describe. Electronic gospel-folk? Experimental R&B? Reinterpreted dubstep? It doesn’t really fit any description when you think about it. But that in itself is part of the beauty of it. The combination of the dense, electronic, dub influenced instrumentals and his melancholy vocals create hauntingly addictive music that even a self-proclaimed hip-hop head like myself can appreciate.

James Blake is the reason that my neighbors refer to me as “the dude who is always bumping baby making music ”(although I wouldn’t necessarily categorize it as that) so saying I am excited that he is coming to Showbox SoDo on November 20 is probably an understatement. James Blake started releasing music in 2009 and quickly found popularity being awarded many awards for his 2010 EP “CMYK”. Blake has collaborated with a wide array of artists varying from Bon Iver to Chance the Rapper. He resumes his tour of America after winning the 2013 Mercury Award for his album Overgrowth. Blake beat out the Artic Monkeys, Disclosure and even David Bowie, among others to claim the prestigious UK music award.

James Blake’s live shows have received many rave reviews due to the variation he puts into songs each time he plays live. He also does a lot of cool things live with vocal loops that I have enjoyed via Youtube. And opener Nosaj Thing is no act to miss either.  So I recommend you check them out on November 20th when they play at Showbox SoDo. The UK loves him, and so do my neighbors, so chances are you will to.


-Geran Landen/Professionally Unemployed /KSUB Reporter


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