A Cumulus Cloud over a Lonely Forest Full of Telecasters

A Review of The Lonely Forest Concert at the Neptune in Seattle on November 9th

Without hearing any of the music one would be able to tell that the Lonely Forest Concert was an Indie concert simply by the guitars that were used by the three bands. Each band used some sort of Fender Telecaster and some sort of Fender Jaguar. The iconic guitars are a staple in indie music and were used at their full potential on Saturday night.

The night began with BellaMaine, we found out later that they’re neighbors with the singer of the Lonely Forest. This band was very strong for an act that was the first opener at an indie concert. With heavy keyboard and duel singing of a man with a very unique voice and a woman with a very powerful high voice the band was able to convey a sound that was very unique to listen to.

lonelyforest review

The next band was Cumulus, this band, a project of Alexandra Niedzialkowski from Anacortes, was a very powerful but soothing rock band. The concert that they threw was very high energy as Alexandra, who also played guitar, put all of her emotions into her voice and created a sort of haunting but also powerful vocal sound. The band also had a lot of energy and seemed to have a ton of fun. Cumulus’s set ended with a beautiful love song sung by Alexandra and the lead singer of The Lonely Forest, John Van Deusen.

The headliner for this concert and the band that the whole crowd was waiting for was Anacortes’s gem The Lonely Forest. This band, if you have not heard of them, is leading the Seattle Indie scene with influences from Death Cab for Cutie. Focused around Van Deusen’s strong unique voice and his keyboard The Lonely forest is Seattle Indie’s attempt at Pop Punk, and in my opinion it exceeds most pop Punk in technique and “catchiness”. The Lonely Forest, using only telecasters, was a bit more distorted than the other bands but also put on a concert with much more running around and excitement. The crowd to my surprise also, knew the majority of the lyrics to the songs played, as well as were very receptive to anything that Van Deusen said. Very recently releasing their new album Counting Up the Wasted Hours and coming from a month long tour, The Lonely Forest is charging the Indie movement from Anacortes to as far as they can travel. The concert was fun, and reminded me of the live videos of Death Cab for Cutie and Jimmy Eat World, I watched when I was younger. The community of the concert was beautiful; all of the bands seemed to be great friends and seemed to never want their tour to end. If you didn’t get the chance to go to this show I must say: you missed a good one but you should watch out for the next steps that BellaMaine, Cumulus, and The Lonely Forest take.

Marcus Shriver / Your Silent Alarm Clock / KSUB Community Outreach and Social Media Director


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