A Delicious Taste of Seattle’s Hip-Hop Scene

A Preview for Sol & Friends Performing at The Showbox at the Market on Wednesday November 27th

Tomorrow night, Sol will be performing with Sam Lachow and Dave B at the Showbox at the Market. If you’ve been craving some good ol’ Seattle Hip-Hop, then this is definitely the right show for you. The show will start with Dave B, who performed at Bumbershoot this year and who might be performing some of the tracks off his new album The Doughnuts EP. If you haven’t heard of Dave B before, I recommend a quick search for his Coffee EP, which he released in March. Dave B’s raps are clear and fun, though somewhat typical. Next up will be Sam Lachow. Sam is riding the release of his recent collaboration with Raz Simone (you may recognize Raz from various KSUB performances last year) called 5 Good Reasons. Sam’s raps are varied and driving, which keeps you engaged throughout every song. Sol will be up last, and he was also at Bumbershoot this year with Dave B. If you didn’t already know, Sol recently finished up a trip around the world visiting ten countries in ten months. If Sol wasn’t already a great enough figure in the Seattle music scene, now he’s got this great global vibe around him. We all know that the Seattle music scene is one of the best around, and this show will be a prime example of it.


– Bill Koch / Can Speak Giraffe Fluently on Tuesdays / KSUB General Manager


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