It’s About The Music We Make and The Connection We Have, Not What We Say About It

A Review for the Sol & Friends Show at Showbox at The Market on November 27th.

I love the Seattle Hip-Hop scene. Let me just get that out of the way first. I love it. The title of this article is a quote from the Sol & Friends show from last week that struck me as very representative of Seattle’s music scene. Our rappers are friendly and humbling, and they care about the music they make and the connection they have to the fans When I went to the show, I was planning to see Sol, Sam Lachow, and Dave B. I saw way more than that. When I got to the Showbox at the Market, I cruised on up to the bar – there’s a good view over the heads of everyone in the crowd from there. On my way across to get a good view, I almost walked straight into Grynch. I uttered a tiny “excuse me,” and continued walking, too excited about having just seen one of my favorite Seattle rappers (don’t know Grynch? Check out My Volvo). Thankful that I hadn’t peed my pants, I took a spot looking up at the stage.

When Sam Lachow took the stage, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’ve tried to see him before, but it didn’t quite work out last time. Sam’s raps are great, but his transitions could use some work. Just as the crowd is getting all hyped and ready to go with the big songs, Sam goes through a little bit of on-stage banter and delivers a slow song. When the slow song is over, he gets right back into the pumped up music. To add back to the set, both Grynch and Raz Simone made a quick appearance. I’ve always liked rap shows because of how easy it is to bring in guests for just one song, and Sam’s set made perfect use of that function.

Finally, it was time for Sol’s set. Sol rapped to beautiful music that helps us to understand how he’s changed little by little in his journey. He mentioned his world tour, but was very humble about the experience. In fact, Sol’s whole stage presence came across as very humble. He’s just another guy, just like you, except he can rap really well, and his band, The Zillas, complements him perfectly. It wouldn’t have been surprising if they could have complemented a freestyle rap.

Overall, this was a fantastic show. Sol played a great set, his friends played great sets, the Showbox didn’t get outrageously hot, and I almost ran right into an idol.

– Bill Koch / A Wool Sock Affiliate / KSUB General Manager


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