Typhoon Creates a Wave in Your Ears

A Preview for the Typhoon Concert at the Neptune Theater on January 19th in Seattle Washington

Best described by their band name, Typhoon has a sound  full of high and low sounds that could easily be compared to the sensations of hearing waves flow and crash. With 11 members including a horn section and a mix of folk instruments Typhoon was created to have catchy chants, that full sound, and (I’m hoping) energetic concerts!

Hailing from Portland, Oregon the Indie Folk Rockers have been able to learn techniques from bands such as Arcade fire but use them to tell stories like great folk songs. Typhoon made their debut in 2005 and have since played on the David Letterman show, toured around the country and released 2 full albums in the last 2 years. Typhoon has opened for bands such as the Decembrists and explosions in the sky and now are rightfully headlining a West Coast tour.

The tour is luckily running through Seattle, Washington at the Neptune Theater. Having just seen Thao and The Get Down Stay Down at the Neptune, this venue will be perfect for a high energy indie folk concert thrown by Typhoon. With space to dance, space to sit, and a vintage vibe the Neptune Theater hosting Typhoon seems to be a match made in heaven and I am beyond excited for the concert!

-Marcus Shriver/ Sucker for a Knitted Bow-tie/ KSUB Community Outreach and Social Media Director


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