“There’s A World That Was Meant For Us to See”

A Preview for the Lord Huron Concert at The Showbox Market in Seattle Washington on January 24th

Though I can’t say I have been a Lord Huron fan for very long, I can say that for the past 2 weeks I haven’t been able to listen to much else. The beautiful mix of instruments along with simple percussion beats and coated with a creamy layer of soft deep vocals, this band could calm me down even at the most stressful of times.  Coming from LA the groups indie folk debut album lonesome dreams has powered its way through indie mixtapes around the country. The band only has us asking, “what’s next for the band?” Expecting to sell out venues around the country, the size of The Showbox Market Lord Huron has done what bands strive their whole lives to do, and they have done it in their sophomoric stage as a band. This band has a bright future and it will be a treat for any folk or indie fans to see them live.

Lord Huron will be playing at the Showbox Market in Seattle Washington on January 24th. I can assume the next time this band comes to town it will be at a bigger venue, so I suggest to catch them in this more intimate of venues.

Marcus Shriver / I want trix cereal to go back to the fruity shapes / KSUB Social Media and Community Outreach Director


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