Winter is Coming…See it in the Cumulus Clouds!

         Preview for Cumulus on January 31st at Chop Suey

           Winter is coming. The cumulus clouds are coming in and the number of Happy Lights (faerie lights, holiday lights, whatever you’d like to call them) on campus outnumbers the students. We’re in for the long haul, but never fear, there’s a new type of cumulus in town, and it’s the band, Cumulus. They’re coming back home for a concert at Chop Suey, January 31st and unlike those dreary clouds up above, they know how to make even the most stubborn of hipsters bop and sway.

Proclaiming themselves to be a “proper rock and roll band,” are childhood friends Alexandra Niedzialkowski and Lance Umble, as well as Leah Julius on bass.  Their music isn’t as heavy as their name suggests, but rather light and playful as Niedzialkowski’s voice floats on top of the vivid musical styling of Umble and Julius. Their new album released this fall titled “I Never Meant It To Be Like This,” resembles the simplistic lyrics and heavy guitar melodies that graced the ‘90s, with their music somewhere in the happy medium between alternative rock and indie rock. A mix between Feist and Dresses, with the latter also playing at Chop Suey that night, Niedzialkowski has expertly achieved a way to whisper the lyrics that is never overwhelmed by the backing music.

Personally, I’m looking forward to their concert because unlike most bands where every song sounds like the one before, Cumulus has solved the formula on how to keep the listener guessing. Plus, Chop Suey is a vital venue for those that want to get to know the band on a personal level, as there is always a meet and greet after every show.

Stop cursing the clouds; instead dance with them January 31st at Chop Suey. The show is for all ages and who knows, you might want a CD or a few buttons after hearing them jam.


-Myra Jackson /Forever Holding Awkward Eye Contact/ KSUB DJ and Reporter


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