Little Big Show #8 Will Have You Feeling Washed Out

A Preview for the Washed Out concert at the Neptune Theatre on January 31st in Seattle, Washington

Many know Washed Out simply as “that band whose song is at the beginning of the TV show Portlandia” (“Feel It All Around”). Admittedly that is how I thought of Washed Out for a long time. However, since stumbling upon the music video for “All I know”,  I have enjoyed delving into Ernest Greene’s catalog and even learned that Washed Out is, impressively, a solo project. Heavily relying on samples and a computer, Greene is able to create captivating dreamy sounds with subtle hooks that are hard to shake from your head long after the song is over.

Drenched in pleasant nostalgia, Greene’s music is full of texture, containing everything from sampled laughter to birds chirping to bongos. Even a brief exposure to Washed Out makes it clear that Greene’s influences have an immense range as there are elements of everything from Shoegaze to R&B. Washed Out’s 2013 album Paracosm showed a subtle maturation of Greene’s style as he relied less on samples and more on a variety of synths. I can only imagine that this transition will make for a more compelling live show.

If getting lost in Washed Out’s music isn’t enticing enough, this concert is a part of the Little Big Show series, put on by Starbucks, STG, and KXEP. That means that 100% of the ticket sales will go to the local non-profit Reel Grrls. Reel Grrls is a year round media training program for girls ages 9-21. Their mission is to empower young women from diverse communities through media production. They have a great track record as their website explains; “Since 2001, over 1000 students have participated in Reel Grrls programs and Reel Grrls media have been honored in more than 90 film festivals globally”. So come out to Neptune Theatre on Friday January 31st and see a great show…. for charity! Doors open at 8pm and you can learn more about Reel Grrls on their website:

Geran Landen/ Nap Connoisseur /KSUB Reporter


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