Reincarnating Old School Hip Hop

A Preview of The Action Bronson Concert at The Neptune Theater on February 1st

For avid listeners of Action Bronson, it is not a stretch to say that he could easily be our generation’s Redman. With strong classic rap techniques and a preference of repetitive, simple (but solid) beats, Action Bronson is a hometown lyricist with a powerful universal sound. Looking a little out of place in the game, Bronson has and will stick out wherever he goes. But he will also wow listeners with the confident and real life  one two punch that was unofficially patented by rappers such as Redman.

Action has been recently been working with musicians such as Wiz Kalifa and Reakwon mixing sounds of pop rap and old school. This has set a place at the rap table for classic rap once again. Though Action’s sound may sound a bit strong and bit too much like gangster rap for the modern rap lover to appreciate, I challenge these listeners to dig a bit deeper into Bronson’s songs and music configurations. Action alludes to everything from economic problems to cooking shows. Often compared to Ghostface Killah, another rapper from Wu Tang, Action is not just a classic sound; he is the hope for the classic sound.

With the amount powerful and popular rap coming out nowadays from artists such as Kanye West and Macklemore, the genre is moving in a very catchy direction. Though I myself admit to loving a lot of the mainstream rap coming out, I believe that rappers like Action Bronson are really the last hope for true rap. Popular rap will come and go, but the classic one-two rap beats will be the ones that last.

Bronson will be playing at the Neptune theater February 1st. The Theater will definitely be full of energy and full of people. I suggest getting tickets early whether you want to be in general admission or in seats. The Neptune is one of my favorite venues because it has a huge stage and perfect speaker control. This show will be a great show for any person who likes rap technicalities and old school sound.


Marcus Shriver/ In Defense of Crocs/ KSUB Social Media and Community Outreach Director


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