Anti-Valentine’s Day With KSUB

On the evening of February 13th KSUB took over the LeRoux Room to celebrate the eve of the pinkest Holiday around. The Anti-Valentine Dance was a way to dance the heartbreak away and I think that everyone in attendance did  just that!

Haley Maya opened up the show after a few photos were snapped at the photo booth and a plate of cookies had been decorated at our cookie table. They got us to a sappy place about teenage love, confusing early adult years and all-around break-up vibes. What more can you ask for on Valentine’s eve?

Between sets, the audience was encouraged to vote for the Zombie Prom King & Queen and to submit their best Worst Pickup Line to win tickets to St. Vincent and Wild Feathers.

Tummy closed the dance with an upbeat set that kept us movin’ and shakin’ all through the night! Aside from their obvious musical talent, Tummy became our new friends and allies in the cold hard world of love. They crowned two of our very own KSUB Executive Committee members, William and Shannon the Zombie King and Queen (by popular vote) and definitely owned that huge stage!

Overall, it was a fun night filled with laughs, cookies, silly photos, obnoxiously large bats, heart garland and fun. Thank you for all of our friends that tuned in or attended the live event! KSUB loves you more than any Valentine ever could!

Thanks to Bridget Baker for taking some fabulous photos at the event! They’re posted below as well as in our media gallery. To see more of her work, head to

McKenna Haley / Band Wrangler / Promotions Director at KSUB


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