Rap Can Be G-Eazy to Listen To

A Preview of the G-Eazy show at the Showbox Market on March 7th

As a college student, it was inevitable for me to go through rap phase. Rappers like Hoody Allen and Jake Miller have paved the way for rap that is highly production modified and simply catchy. G-Eazy definitely falls into this category. One of the reasons G-Eazy is becoming so popular in college as wells as rap communities is because he creates catchy rap with very intricate lyrics and hip hop techniques.

G-Eazy began making music in high school and started to produce music during his time at a highly musical school, Loyola New Orleans. With a degree in Music Industry Studies, G-Eazy is not simply a musician but a student of the industry (which can be a gift and a burden). He can create music for the industry that he believes to be successful. This creates the question of G-Eazy making music for the sake of much or for the industry. However, the burden of his scholarly pursuits remains that reporters, such as myself, might assume he makes music for the industry rather that to be true the music.

Opening for artists such and Lil’ Wayne and Snoop Dog, G-Eazy is no doubt an up and coming hip hop artist. Though I have not heard any telltale signs in his music causing me to lean toward my assumption of him creating industry music, I am keeping a close eye on him to see which direction he takes his music.

G-Eazy is playing at the Showbox at the Market on March 7th in Seattle, Washington. The show is sold out and will be a packed and fun show. I am interested in seeing what kind of crowd he attracts and what kind of show he throws. If you can find a ticket I suggest you take it, because it will be a very fascinating show.

Marcus Shriver / An accomplished Television Painter / KSUB Community Outreach Director


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