Treefort Music Fest Day 1

Hello from Idaho! This year I have been lucky enough to cover Treefort Music Fest in a sunshine-y Boise so that avid readers of the KSUB blog are able to have a little peek into the local music scene of a city outside of Seattle.

Sofia and I rode into Boise on Thursday afternoon with a little time to spare before the music started. It had been a long day of driving but catching a few bands on the first night was totally worth it!

We started at Neurolux to catch The Shivas, a Portland rock band that proves to be at their very best when you see them live. Some more Portland rock followed them in the form of a band called And And And that surprised the audience with a trumpet and a cello on a few different songs- not something you initially expected from a group that rolled in with mohawks and T-Shirts that read: “My kids think I’m an ATM Machine” (which is definitely the best shirt I’ve seen so far at the festival). We stayed a little longer to watch Purling Hiss, a rock trio out of Philadelphia (pictured below) that was putting the cherry on top of my first night of rock-n-roll. I don’t think that I could have been happier than in that moment watching some major shredding.



Before heading in for the night, we caught KSUB pals, Lures (pictured above), at The Crux. We really enjoy their surfy rock tunes and so do the Treefort go-ers as made evident by the crowd’s applause and enthusiasm.

For more quick blog post bursts and phone photos, keep your eye out on the blog and KSUB Facebook page because I will be updating them as frequently as I possibly can!

McKenna Haley / Not Your Average Woo Girl / Promotions Director


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