Women Will Forever Belong in the Rap Game and Rappers Like K.Flay Are Proof

A Preview for the K. Flay//Air Dubai show at Chop Suey of March 26th

            Since the beginning, there has been a strong female influence on rap through choruses and dancing. But rapping has been a very difficult area of Hip Hop for female artists to establish dominance. Starting with artists such as Salt n’ Peppa in the 80’s, Lil’ Kim and Missy Elliot in the 90’s very few women have made a huge impact on the rap scene. This number has been increasing, though, and has only been moving rap in a better direction. Female rappers have been giving something different to the scene that male rappers can’t and it’s opening the world to the perspective of women working/creating in a patriarchal subset of music in a patriarchal world. Rap, since its formation, has been music written by the oppressed populations in pursuit of fighting the oppressors. It could be from minority races (specifically African, and African American) toward majority races, from poor communities to rich communities, or, increasingly, women to patriarchal constructs. This is not to say that all female rappers are feminists and that all that female rappers rap about is patriarchy, just as not all black rappers are fighting against racism. What we mean is that women belong in the rap game in the same way other minorities have claimed rap as a creative space of belonging. They also stand apart as artists, creating and putting out music that deserves to be given attention, not only because they are female, but also because they are relevant and significant contributors to the music industry.

K. Flay, along with fellow female rapper Dessa, has begun to fall into the same rap categories as hip hop legends Atmosphere, Brother Ali, and Grieves. K. Flay, with connections to Budo, K. Flay has been able to find a sound that is easy to bob your head to and with her own strong though provoking lyrics, creepy anxious beats, and very charismatic presence, has created a sound that unique and weirdly beautiful. With a double degree from Stanford University and a way with words that is incomparable, K. Flay is a poet as much as a rapper and persuasive writer as much as a poet. Her music takes looks at sociology and psychological problems in the world and in her own mind, winding and weaving them throughout her sharp beats. Releasing mixtapes since 2004 she is quickly becoming a veteran in the industry and with the connections she has made will no doubt break out soon. Jasmine saw K. Flay perform (with Budo opening) at the Crocodile just a year ago where she absolutely wow’d the crowd. K. Flay’s ability to flow and entertain an audience is beautiful to watch. As someone who listens to K.Flay’s music pretty often, Jasmine was absolutely thrilled to see that she’s performing on a Northwest tour this year. Jasmine’s most looking forward to see how K. Flay’s confidence and stage presence have grown and developed even more in the past year. Both KSUB’ers are very excited to see the type of show that she’ll throw and the vibe she gives to the crowd.

The other band playing this show is Air Dubai. This is a band Marcus has known from the roots. With two of the bandmates coming from his former high school they are a legend in his home town of Parker, Colorado. That being said, they are a very interesting booking to be paired with K. Flay. Though both hip hop artists, Air Dubai takes a much more pop R & B vibe relying on smooth voices, calm raps, and almost a jazzy band sound to create their music, while K. Flay relies on her persona and a DJ techno based background sound. Air Dubai, however, has had a huge year, going on constant tours and signing to Hopeless Records.

Both artists being very talented and very good at what they do, this show will be a showcase of talent and great music. The mixture of music will be very interesting and we are very excited to see if a gamble like this pays off.


-Marcus Shriver / An Edible Person / KSUB Community Outreach and Social Media Director and Jasmine Schwartz/ Sneezes like a Polar Bear/ KSUB News Director


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