Proof That You Can Name Your Band Anything and Still Play Shows…

One of the first things that Sofia and I did after picking up our press passes at El Korah Shrine in Downtown Boise (which were not under my name, her name, Marcus’ name or just KSUB- but Bill Koch- which is still a mystery to me) was look through the printed program. I had tried to keep up and look through the website as more and more bands were announced over the past few months but somehow these names were funnier when I read about all of the performers in one sitting.

We found some awesome (and some so-awful-they-are-awesome-by-default) band names that are sure to make ya laugh, get you interested in looking them up or maybe just wonder about how they book shows (listed in the order of appearance we found them in the Treefort Music Fest 2014 official “Trail Guide”):

1d – Boise, ID

Kitty Crimes – Denver, CO

Teenage Nasty – Pocatello, ID

Stranger Danger – Boise, ID

Pull Out Quick – Boise, ID

Karaoke From Hell – Portland, OR

Big Tits – Oakland, CA

Mr. Gnome– Cleveland, OH

Warm Soda – Oakland, CA

Piss Test – Portland, OR

Sister Crayon –  Sacramento, CA

Perfect Pussy – Syracruse, NY

Worst Foster Parents –  Boise, ID


*This list also serves as a tool for finding new bands that you may not have seen because you were not in Boise this past weekend or…you were in Boise and were busy seeing/doing/hearing something else. So you are very welcome for this!

McKenna Haley / Master of Couch Perching / Promotions Director


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