A Preview of the Shlohmo show at Neumos on April 26th

Henry Laufer, better known as the producer Shlohmo, sound tracked a good part of my freshman year gloominess. His dreary atmospheric beats became a staple to my late nights spent in a dark dormroom, and I often found myself drifting off to sleep to the beat of those pitched down hi-hats found in much of Shlohmo’s discography.  None of this is to say that it’s depressing music; it’s just a testament to how well Shlohmo uses drum machines, synths and samples to create an atmosphere that you can fully immerse yourself in.

Shlohmo is often compared to producers like Flying Lotus and others birthed from the L.A beat scene. His music definitely has the looseness of producers who frequent the Low End Theory and is admittedly influenced by such, but Shlohmo also has roots elsewhere. His music contains aspects of chopped and screwed beats found in southern hip hop and draws from the R&B aesthetic. Shlohmo’s most recent EP, Laid Out, was a strong testament to his distinction from the L.A beat scene as it contained a few songs that seemed capable of capturing listeners who wouldn’t normally listen to electronic music. Other artists seemed to take notice of this, as Shlohmo just put out a song with Banks and is now working on an EP with R&B artist Jerimiah.

Shlohmo is one of the more talented and interesting producers in the game right now and I’m expecting his music to be just as good live as it is in a dark dorm room. He will be at Neumos on April 26th at 8 and I would not be surprised if it sells out!


-Geran Landen/Apologetic Pun Maker /KSUB Reporter


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