For the LOVE OF PIZZA, Macaulay Culkin

A preview of the Pizza Underground show at Chop Suey on April 28th

For anyone who has tasted the delicious tomotaoey, cheesey, bready, wonder of one of the only foods that can encompass all food groups and still please children, I do not have to explain why a former childhood star would want to create a pizza themed cover band. The Pizza Cover band is simply one humbled man’s tribute to the one and only miracle food.

The Pizza Underground can easily be taken as a joke, and I believe that, in large part, their goals are based in humor. Their music, however, is very fun and easy to listen to covering pretty classic Velvet Underground songs. Simplifying the songs to acoustic folk instruments, they create a light and fun folk pop that makes you hungry for some greasy, hot pizza. Macaulay Culking, well done.

Opening for Macaulay Culkin is Toby Goodshank, of the Moldy Peaches. For those who don’t know who the Moldy Peaches are, they are the collaborative band of Toby Goodshank and Kimya Dawson that made the Juno soundtrack. The music that Toby makes, tells stories of humor, protest, and life. The stories are simple enough to understand but complex enough to strike questions in your head.

I am very excited to see both of these bands, and hopefully eat some pizza before, during, after, in, on, off, and to the side of this show. The show will be at Chop Suey in Seattle at 8PM on April 28th. This show is a 21+ show.


Marcus Shriver / A Protesting Pizza / KSUB Community Outreach and Social Media Director


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