A Preview of the Purity Ring DJ Set at Neumos on May 18th

In 2011 Purity Ring began creating an insane amount of buzz through a slow release of their refreshing take on pop music. Songs filled with drum machines and pitched vocals usually reserved for hip-hop, created the canvas for Megan James and her dark, catchy lyrics. My respect for the producer-songstress duo only grew, as they released a great album in the form of Shrines, collaborated with the likes of Danny Brown and released a Soulja Boy cover while mocking the Grammys. So when I saw online that Purity Ring was only touring as a DJ set this year, I was slightly disappointed. The disappointment was short-lived though, as I realized the production of Corin Roddick was my favorite part of Purity Ring.

So while a DJ set will be disappointing for anyone expecting Megan James to be in attendance, it is a great chance to see what influences the group and hear some remixes by Roddick. From what I’ve heard, Roddick plays everything from exclusive Purity Ring remixes to Danny Brown to R. Kelly. It will definitely be a fun atmosphere and I wouldn’t be surprised if he mixes everything live to add another level to the performance. Purity Ring fans should enjoy the set as Roddick tends to play a few Purity Ring songs. He also keeps the ethereal sound he creates so well as half of Purity Ring present through much of the set.

If you’re a fan of Purity Ring and/or fun remixed hip hop and R&B I highly recommend checking the Purity Ring DJ set out on May 18th at Neumos. The show is 21 and up and starts at 8pm.

-Geran Landen/Raccoon Tears Is a Great Band Name /KSUB Reporter


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