Cloud Control and Metronomy Take Neumos

               A Preview for Metronomy at Neumos on June 11th

 Last week two seemingly unrelated things happened; a friend turned me on to a band called Metronomy and I found a cool Blink 182 cover by a band called Cloud Control. Lucky for me, the two things are quite related, as Cloud Control will be opening for Metronomy at Neumos next Wednesday.

Metronomy began as Joseph Mont’s solo recording project way back in the late 90’s. It expanded from a production project to a 4 piece band and the group has been churning out consistently good experimental pop ever since. Each one of Metronomys albums has gone a slightly different direction and the result is a vast and diverse discography. Whether it’s the songs made for the weekend found on their 2008 release Nights Out, the fun “yacht-rock” found on 2011’s exceptional release The English Riviera or the hushed love songs of 2013’s Love Letters Metronomy’s music is pop music at its best and.

Since discovering Metronomy, they have been heavily in my rotation of nightly music. With plenty of live instrumentation, their live show will not be one you want to miss. Openers Cloud Control are also great based on the very little I have heard of them. The show is at Neumos at 8pm on Wednesday, June 11th and is 21+.


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