Sunday May 25th at Sasquatch

Sunday was an amazing day at the wonderful Sasquatch music Festival. I got to spend a little bit of time playing corn hole double dutch for The Vera Project and the rest of the day was spent listening to tons of great music. The highlights of my day were TacoCat, Waxahatchee, the Lonely Forest and Portugal. The Man. The day didn’t seem tired as I expected the last day of squatch would be. I will definitely miss the Gorge’s beautiful sights and sounds, but I will definitely be grateful to be  back in Seattle with a bit less of the cultural appropriated headdresses and less belly buttons.

Tacocat on The Yeti Stage 

Tacocat is a very fun, ironic, punk, and witty Seattle based band. Having done a split CD with Ghost Mice they have a foot in to the folk punk scene but their sound is more of an iron bubble gum pop punk sound. Having a very charismatic front woman helps them keep their strong personality. Tacocat has been a staple in Seattle for the past year and any punk show playing would love to have them get the crowd going.

Tacocat played on the Yeti stage on Sunday at 1PM. It was a perfect time for them to play. The sun was out, and people needed to be energized. Tacocat got the whole crowd going with their energy and witty presence on stage. They have a very awkwardly strong presence of irony and fun with a hint of crazy. Their talent can be easily overlooked because of their strong personality but the writing is witty and hilarious and the music is solid so I look forward to seeing where they go this year.

LA LUZ on the Yeti Stage 

The first time I ever saw LA LUZ was at our very own Seattle University library patio. They have a huge Seattle fan base and have a huge impact on the Seattle Music scene. With their great beach rock sound and strong witty and darkish personalities the band is very interesting to see and listen to.

LA LUZ played on the Yeti stage on Sunday at 2pm. Their vibe was wonderful. Like their personalities it was strong and gave off a dark wit. They sounded great. The drums of LA LUZ are amazing to listen to. The beat is strong and smooth that makes everyone around want to dance. If you want to see a tight and fun concert I definitely recommend LA LUZ.


Waxahatchee is one of my favorite bands of all time. Her beautiful voice and way with words mixed with her connection to the DIY punk seen is something that is difficult to compare. This will be my second review of Waxahatchee, so bear with me and anything I may repeat. With her new album Cerulean Salt making the Rolling Stone’s top albums of 2013 and her first album American Weekend forever treasured by the DIY scene, Waxahatchee is not only hitting popular music entities but also those that find solace and love in antiestablishment punk music. Are these two things exclusive?

Waxahatchee played on the Yeti stage at Sasquatch on Sunday May 25th. This time around they had much more of a full band feel and a much better stage presence as a full band. Katie Crutchfield the front woman has a very eccentric feel to her that ties into her odd way of telling beautiful and regular stories. The only way that I feel I can truly explain it is through Waxahatchee’s first ablum’s title, American Weekend. It seems normal but as you delve into the CD you see more and more that there are hidden emotions and messages that are shown through the tone and notes in her voice. She played many songs from both albums as well as some new songs. I am very excited to see that she is making new music. I will be anxiously awaiting her new album and the reaction that the musical public has to it.

The Little Green Cars on The Bigfoot Stage

The Little Green Cars is a Irish band full of barely non teenagers. They have a very catchy rock sound that will certainly be noticed in the scene. This band has been around for a while but has only recently been getting noticed, and playing on the Bigfoot stage, they have definitely been noticed.

They played a pretty solid set, but nothing extraordinary. With the dual singing of the front woman and front man showing love and happiness with a backdrop of somberness the vibe of this band was bit difficult to interpret. All dressed in black and looking a little too gothic for their music. The sound was pretty tight and the songs that I could recognize sounded like they did on the album, but the stage presence was pretty bland without enough on stage banter for my own taste. I cannot stress enough how important on stage banter is. People go to a show to see parts of musicians that they can’t see on cd like their face, their instruments, and their personality. I had trouble understanding the personality of Little Green Cars.

The Lonely Forest on the Bigfoot stage 

The Lonely Forest has hit it big the past year. With the release of their latest album Adding Up the Wasted Hours recorded by Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie their fame as well as their sound seemed to be going in the same direction as early Death Cab. But the Thursday before Sasquatch all of my expectations and hopes for this band were crushed. Having not received the hint from their somberly named Album title I was smacked in the face with The Lonely Forest stating that they will only be playing three shows before going on an indefinite hiatus, the last of the shows being at Bumbershoot. The band from Anacortes Washington is a band that has always shown a huge presence in the indie scene of Seattle and was a band that just seemed to be a grouping of the coolest guys of all the tables at high school lunch. At the shows I have seen them at before the front man showed amazing energy and passion for the music while the rest of the band showed wonderful back up sounds and vocals.

The show that The Lonely Forest threw at Sasquatch at 3:05 on Sunday was good but quite sad. The band mentioned their situation and played a very solid but somber set. They all seemed a bit down by their choice to go on hiatus after ten years as a band. Turn Off this Song and Go Outside was especially sad for me to hear as it was the first song I ever heard by them and it has a sort of ambient, angsty, and nostalgic sound to it.

-Marcus Shriver / A Bubble Gum Rap Star / KSUB Community Outreach and Social Media Director


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