SASQUATCH DAY TWO (Jasmine Schwartz)

Alright folks, all I’m going to talk about for day two are these things: HEAT, M.I.A., THE NATIONAL, and (sadly) tyler the creator.


I’d be lying to you if I told you that I didn’t drown in my own sweat on day two of Sasquatch. I’d be a downright liar if I said that I couldn’t make it out to the stages until Violent Femmes. And I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t take a nap under a car with my best friend on day two. Remember when I said “take care of yourself”? Yeah, okay well here’s why: because it’s really hot at Sasquatch. Sure, the radiant sun is evil and I hate being warm, everyone kinda knows that about me. I STILL have all my tan lines from this day and I think I even got a little bit sun burnt (I haven’t burned since I was about 10 years old). So imagine my distaste for this boiling heat coupled with me just not taking care of my body at all. Did I drink enough water? No! So here’s a piece of advice y’all: BRING MULTIPLE WATER BOTTLES. You will probably lose the one you bring! And if you’re me, you didn’t bring one at all like a fool. So, don’t be me. Concerning the sun itself, though, it did provide one of the best sunsets at the Sasquatch stage that I have ever seen. I think that the entire weekend consisted of me looking out into the Gorge and remembering that I was the luckiest cat in the world to be there, staring into one of the most beautiful holes in the ground I’d ever seen. No thanks to the heat but I guess a big ol’ thanks to the sun is in order.


I so SO wish that she had sung more of her songs! She had her backup singer do a lot of her work. But I’m going to be real, she did WERK. She absolutely killed it. There were a lot of technical issues during her set, which wasn’t her fault at all, and so she couldn’t hear herself or the notes she was singing. Unfortunately, this led to her being completely flat a couple of times but you know what? It didn’t even matter. I was jamming with one of the most important people in the world (my best friend Briana) and we were rocking out to our middle school love/crush, M.I.A. Seriously, she is a queen. She does this thing where she makes music about things that matter but she makes music that doesn’t sound like it’s about anything. How do you get a mindless population of people to start caring about important things? Make it sound a lot less important than it is. It’s working, it is totally working. I’m hooked and she’s the best.


All you need to know about this show is that Matt Berninger was drunk the entire time. Alright, no, that’s a lie. It’s not the only thing you need to know. This guy was drunk and you knew it the entire time, though. He came out with a wine glass full of something that was definitely not wine and continued to drink after he finished that drink as well. It wouldn’t be an important detail, because he still sang with that voice of a baritone angel that he has, but it totally mattered. He was walking all around the stage, drinking, stumbling, and breaking glass. He also walked out into the crowd during a song and walked around the outside of the pit which, I’m sure, made people feel more welcome and like it was a better show. Then, he tried to climb the side of the stage (Gwen, do you remember?) but was unsuccessful. It was a beautiful show, during which I shed many tearz (that z is there for a reason, trust). You know, I was stressed out during Sasquatch because I don’t really handle change or…anything that well but I don’t think I have EVER been as stressed out as the Live Nation security team was during The National show because Matt couldn’t do his job and stand still. Thanks to Matt for one of the deepest, most emotional, and most entertaining shows of the weekend. I almost wish they had closed out the weekend because seeing M.I.A. and The National on the same stage in succession was possibly the best moment of the weekend for me. That’s the beauty of this festival– I will never see such different artists play one right after the other like that again. I cannot appreciate that enough.

On Tyler the Creator

Dear Sasquatch,

I am personally offended that you chose to book Tyler. He is an offensive artist and his lyrics are not defendable at all. I refused to go to the show but I know he started off his set with a song about skinning women. I wish you would have refrained from booking such a horrible artist. Please consider in the future– songs that promote the hatred and violence against women are not okay to publicly glorify. You effectively perpetuated the idea that hurting women because they are women is ok and for that, I think you should be sorry. I would love to see a public apology for booking such an offensive person.

P.S. Dear Summer Jam, you booked Chris Brown as your headliner and so you suck too.

-Jasmine Schwartz/Confused and Indignant/News Director


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