SASQUATCH DAY TWO (Marcus Shriver)

Saturday May 24th at Sasquatch

   Saturday was a pretty easy going day for me. I wasn’t feeling over eager to see many of the  bands that day so I sort of took the day off to relax by the tent and people watch. The people watching was prime, full of cultural appropriation and drunk people. Sasquatch was ripe, hot, and lacking class. Despite the absence of said class, the people all seemed very friendly and very excited for the bands. From the group I was with, I heard that the best shows were Panda Bear of Animal Collective, First Aid Kit, and M.I.A. The biggest disappointments I heard about for the day was Tyler the Creator, who I believe had a bad rap because people had not heard his violent angry music before. Despite this, starting with a song that talks about skinning white women, may not be the right way to start a set…. EVER.

SOL at Sasquatch at the Bigfoot Stage 

Sol is Seattle’s hip hop sweetheart. Having done music with musicians from Macklemore to Dave B Sol is the popular guy at every Hip Hop artist party. He has music that can make you fall in love, want to put a rolled up piece of paper to your lips, and that is great for jumping up and down for. Sol has been on his grind for many years now but has recently been finding more and more fame. If you live in Seattle and haven’t heard of him, you should probably question your life and your choices. If you don’t live in Seattle and haven’t heard of him, you should probably brace yourself and to be enlightened by some of his rad beats. My first suggestion is Paint off of his 2012 record Yours Truly.

Sol was really the only artist I was super excited for on Saturday’s lineup at Sasquatch. The crowd was pretty large, not quite as large as Chance the Rapper’s crowd but still huge. Sol started his set pretty normally. He had very good interactions with the crowd but was not the most exciting performer of all time. He stood there and vibed with his music. This did not last too long however. About a quarter of the way through his show he began to get more exciting and eventually, as ever rapper should, rode an inflatable boat through the crowd. His live version of Need Your Love was the best.

Overall I would say that Sol’s show was much like the shows I have seen him at before, yet he is getting more and more famous. I think it describes him that no matter how famous he gets he will still be the nice, awkward, stoney, rapper that he wants to be.

-Marcus Shriver / A Punk in a Carver / KSUB Community Outreach and Social Media Director


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