Hey all!

Long you have been sitting here, checking and refreshing this page to see whether we’re finally going to post about Sasquatch! Festival 2014. I know it’s been a couple of weeks so let’s refresh everyone’s memory with the incredible LINEUP that was presented to us all. With Outkast headlining and tons of other insanely talented artists performing on 5 stages throughout 3 days of intense musical bliss, there was a lot to handle.

So that we could bring you the best, and more, of each stage and as many performances as possible we had THREE KSUB’rs taking note of everything they could. We had our fearless leader Bill Koch/Pizza Pie Influential/General Manager, our very own Erica McIntyre/Paid for a Shower/Jazz Director, the lovely Marcus Shriver/Crustier than You/Community Outreach and Social Media Director, and myself all there to get you the neatest information possible. After we all got back I had everyone typing away on their reviews and whatnot. But I must say, Sasquatch is about way more than the music. Yes, yes we went there to see these way-too-talented people set up shop on stage and work their magic but there’s so much more to this festival than the stages! Have you seen the Gorge? It’s incredible. Have you eaten Sasquatch food? It’s an intense, life/death experience that anyone would have a hard time surviving! Have you car-camped in the middle of 20,000 other people camping with two tents blocking the fire lanes? It’s an emotional roller coaster that everyone pays hundreds of dollars to live through (and when I say live through, I really do mean….YOU LIVE)!

So how can I get all three peoples’ fantastic experiences all put into one post, you ask? Yes, good question. I also asked myself this. Let me tell you, it wouldn’t be the best blog practice if I just dumped everything here. But why call it a masterpost then? AH YES MY DEAR READERS, I will be posting LINKS here. Links to each of our fabulous reviews. I will also be posting them as individual blog posts (hence the links to the blog posts) but this…this glorious posting is where you shall be able to find each Sasquatch post you want to read about.

Let’s not dress this up anymore than I already have and here we go:

Day One (Marcus)

Day One (Erica)

Day One (Bill)

Day One (Jasmine)

Day Two (Marcus)

Day Two (Erica)

Day Two (Bill)

Day Two (Jasmine)

Day Three (Marcus)

Day Three (Erica)

Day Three (Bill)


If there’s anything you didn’t get to read about or are super curious, write a comment on here! Tweet at us (@ksubseattle)! Facebook us! Let us know what you think!

*disclaimer* all opinions and statements in these posts reflect the views and beliefs of individuals who work for KSUB and not do not represent collective views of KSUB as a station or Seattle University as an entire school or entity.

-Jasmine Schwartz/In Pizza I Crust/News Director


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