S. Carey is a Very S.Carey Talented Musician That is More Than Just the Drummer for Bon Iver

A Preview for the S. Carey Show at The Triple Door on July 1st

If you talk to anyone about indie music long enough, Bon Iver is bound to come up (whether somebody loves Bon Iver or someone hates their music to the core). Because Bon Iver is the brain child of Justin Vernon (and he’s the elegant, dapper, and talented front man) he’s often seen to be Bon Iver, himself. He is not. Bon Iver is a band, and Justin has recently come out with a side project call the Volcano Choir, but since you are reading this blog and you probably like Indie music, this is not new to you. And if it is, we can pretend it is not. What you may not have heard of Bon Iver is their drummer’s side project. Sean Carey has come out to show that he has more talent than just percussion and that he himself can make beautiful ambient folk indie music. Sean Carey goes by the performing name of S. Carey. In April, S. Carey released his new album Range of Light and it shows off percussive and music skills one would have never seen in the shadow of Justin Vernon. The music is a little more comprehensible than Bon Iver music and S. Carey uses more of a soft voice as opposed to Justin’s famous high head voice.

Overall I think that S. Carey is a great musician that should be seen not just as a drummer but also as a full musician that may soon be a force in the indie folk scene. He will be playing in Seattle on July 1st at the Triple Door Theater. This venue will be perfect because it is a place where people can sit down and calmly listen to his beautiful calm music. I am very excited for the show and you can look forward to a review.

Marcus Shriver / Drift Wood / KSUB Community Outreach and Social Media Director


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