Capitol Hill Block Partiers Will Be Partying! (on July 25-27)

This is how Capitol Hill Block Party describes itself:

“Capitol Hill Block Party is a 3-day music and arts festival, celebrating Seattle’s iconic arts and music center, Capitol Hill. CHBP takes over six city blocks for 3 days in the heart of this Seattle neighborhood, and showcases over 100 local and national artists. In a unique urban setting, the clubs, bars and restaurants within the gates participate and add another diverse element to the festival. The grounds house four indoor venues, dozens of restaurants and bars, in addition to two outdoor stages built for the event. The average demographic attending CHBP falls between the ages of 18-30, bringing together 30,000 of the most creative young professionals of Seattle, surrounding areas, and nationally.

Our ethics and esthetic are liberal and DIY. CHBP is the only independently owned festival of its size, and we strive to break out, propel and inspire new talent. CHBP is considered to be a launch pad and stepping stone for artists both regionally and nationally. We are a community-conscious organization and also run a non-profit called Sound Culture. This allows us to donate and work with the music and arts programs in the city of Seattle, annually donating to these organizations.”


This is how a person who lives on Capitol Hill but has never been to Capitol Hill Block Party might describe it:

“Capitol Hill Block Party is a way for Capitol Hill to simply extend on party drinking, hipster drinking, and Seattle’s loud music. Every year they send me a ticket, simply so I can get back to my own house. I don’t know any of these bands and they don’t know me. Sometimes my dog gets out, gets drunk, and comes back and tries to snuggle into bed with me. First of all he has dog breath. Second of all he has over priced beer and the smell of weird on him. I know I should have got a Cocker Spaniel.”

-Conner Hillberry (fictional person, credible source)

This is how a person who goes to Capitol Hill Block Party every year may describe it:

“Rad. Capitol Hill Block Party is like a regular music festival except I get to walk home and sleep in my own bed every night. What’s better than that? I even get to go to my favorite bars, and if I am truly hungry I don’t have to settle for over priced chili cheese tots, instead I can just walk out to the hill and go to rancho bravo and stuff myself silly until I feel sick. Capitol Hill Block Party is my favorite festival of the year because I don’t have to plan ahead. I simply have to walk to the hill like I do every weekend, but this time CHBP has booked all of my favorite bands.”

-Hillary Blocks (fictional person, chill and also credible)

This is what a person who just moved to Seattle might say about Capitol Hill Block Party:

“I just came from California. I think I left my sunglasses at home. I guess I won’t need them here right? What is Capitol Hill Block Party? Is it like the block parties my neighborhood used to have with a weird cover band and an awkwardly placed piñata? Why is it $100? Is A$AP Rocky going to play music or is he just there to eat hot dogs with me? I’ve heard of Sasquatch before, but I have never heard of a big hairy mythical block party.”

-KSUB Reporter Marcus Shriver

Here’s what KSUB has to say about Capitol Hill Block Party:

“Capitol Hill Block Party is a block away from us. It is our block party and they do a great job of keeping the feel of Capitol Hill and mixing it into a music Festival. With awesome local bands like Tangerine, Dude York, Kithkin, and Special Explosion that have all played at either our studio or at Seattle University in some or many capacities, CHBP gives local bands the opportunity to play at the bars that they always play at but with a much bigger audience! Tangerine can play their catchy song “Feel This Way” with a crowd that may have never otherwise gotten the chance to see their playful stage presence.

Along with the local bands CHBP books a lineup that can compete with some of the best lineups in the country. Headlining this year will be A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Chromeo, Matt and Kim, War on Drugs, Spoon and many more. This year has a very interesting feel to it. The line up has a very dancy/electronic undertone to it which is very unique comparing it to Bumbershoot or Sasquatch where the electronic bands are overtaken by hip pop (see what I did there?) stars. This will do wonders on at the festivals especially because of the bar undertone to it. This bar undertone is great, however, it can be very discouraging to under aged music lovers. This is for good reason. Under aged music lovers may not be able to see some of their favorite bands at CHBP because they will still not be allowed into bars. This however, should not discourage under aged people from going to CHBP. CHBP does a great job of making sure that the headliners are playing all ages stages. With a partner such as the Vera Project how could there not be great fun for the under aged?”

KSUB Radio at Seattle University will be sending two reporters to CHBP to give you the ins and outs of experiencing CHBP as an under aged goer, and also as a person who is old enough to go into bars.

If you don’t want to wait for what we have to say, if you do not trust us, or you simply have a few hundred dollars to spare, we suggest you buy a ticket for yourself. We don’t believe you will be disappointed one bit, Pumpkin Pie Scouts honor.

Be on the lookout for some band previews and some day of coverage from us as well as a full synopsis of CHBP after we have recovered from our activities.


-Marcus Shriver / A Pumpkin Pie Scout / KSUB Communit Outreach Director


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