A Household Name: Iska Dhaaf at Capitol Hill Block Party

CHBP Set Time: 7:00 – 7:45PM Friday July 25th

Walking around Seattle it is hard to go anywhere without talking to someone or overhearing someone talk about Iska Dhaaf. They are still underground but they will no doubt be huge soon. Playing Sasquatch and now Capitol Hill Block Party has sure gotten their name out to the public.

Iska Dhaaf has a huge, professional sound. The vocals are similar to The Lonely Forest with a twist of eerie punkiness. The instrumentals are also very punk and eerie. The mixture of these two sounds creates something almost like an indie pop punk. In other words it sounds like Death Cab For Cutie was produced by a member of Beirut. The sound is haunting and beautiful. This along with the complexity of the lyrics creates a very unique band that is very well suited for the upcoming music scene.

I am very excited to see Iska Dhaaf’s presence on stage. With such interesting sounds comes responsibility. It would be easy for them to nonchalant and uninterested to their crowd. What could make them great is a very engaging concert that connects their deep music to their loving crowd.

Marcus Shriver / A Desk / KSUB Community Outreach Director


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