(Big) Spoon: Spoon at Capitol Hill Block Party

CHBP Set Time: 10:45 – 12:00AM Friday July 25th Main Stage

Spoon, hailing from Austin, Texas, is set to play Capitol Hill Block party Friday, July 25th. Spoon has certainly paid their dues, formulating in 1993 (the same year I was born) and they released their first EP on vinyl in 1994. If that’s something you can relate to, feel free to reevaluate why you’re still reading a college radio blog, but no judgment. Post vinyl, “making it” as you will was not always smooth sailing for Spoon. After being signed to their first major label, Elektra, they were dropped when their A&R guy, Ron Laffitte, peaced out. Spoon penned songs about their frustrating representation in the songs “The Agony of Laffitte” and “Laffitte Don’t Fail Me Now”.

Spoon deserves major respect for confronting music industry bullcrap (gotta keep it clean for the young ones, you know) with class and post punk pop bangers. Spoon now has eight albums to their name the latest of which is titled They Want my Soul. The first single of this 2014 album “Do You” (now on Spotify) stays true to the distinct Spoon sound. It’s fun, upbeat, and catchy. Spoon’s music oozes cool and isn’t that what we need in this Seattle heat? This veteran indie band is a great addition to the Block Party line up and I am jazzed to see them.

Megan Castillo / Scrabble Champion / KSUB Reporter


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