No Dum Dums Allowed: Dum Dum Girls at Capitol Hill Block Party

CHBP Set Time: 9:00 – 10:00PM Sunday July 27th The Vera Stage

Dum Dum Girls is really just one girl, Kristen “Dee Dee” Gunder and a rotating band of female musicians. Dee Dee began making music under the name Dum Dum Girls in 2008, releasing a few singles that were combined into a compilation disc. These musical tidbits sparked enough attention to get her signed to Sub Pop in 2009 and a full length album was released in 2010. Dee Dee began working (and continues to work) with producer Richard Gotteher, known for producing with other bass ass ladies like The Go Go’s and Blondie.

Dum Dum Girls has a similar feel to the aforementioned bands but not necessary a similar sound. Dum Dum Girls take female driven post-punk in a slightly different direction. Dee Dee writes heart felt songs and sings them to melancholy, sassy beats while being pouty and sultry. It’s a great combo that makes me feel like a misunderstood vixen-rebel who can totally pull off all black outfits in the summer. Which I might just do Sunday, July 27th at Capitol Hill Block Party where the moody punk Diana Ross and her nameless Supreme back up ladies will be throwin’ down.

Megan Castillo / Juggalette Gardener / KSUB Reporter


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