Not just a place in Poulsbo you’ve never visited: Lemolo at Capitol Hill Block Party

CHBP Set Time: 4:00 – 4:30PM Friday July 25th The Vera Stage

A lot of the time when I read band or artist bios it’s really awkward. A lot of them are like weird mystic stories that have nothing to do with music and some are just really depressing because you can tell the band has done nothing impressive and their agent can’t write at all, but that’s not the case for Lemolo. While reading the Capitol Hill Block Party bio of Lemolo the word “dannnnnnng” continued to be uttered aloud as I read. Lemolo is the creative baby of Meagan Grandall who is a Washington native from Poulsbo. She named her dream-pop band, which consists of Grandall and drummer Kendra Cox, after Lemolo Shore Drive in Poulsbo, her high school chillin’ spot.

Lemolo has only one album under their belt but they have impressed many in the Seattle music community with it. Their first album Kaleidoscope released in 2012 was named KEXP’s Top Listener Voted Album of 2012 (dannng) and Lemolo was named Best New Music by City Arts magazine (dannng). With those strong accolades to their name Lemolo looks like the next big thing in the Seattle scene. So why don’t we all go see Lemolo Friday July 25 before they get way too big so we can tell everyone we saw Lemolo at Block Party on the Vera Stage before they got huge. Plus Grandall is an SU alum and isn’t that what we all want post grad? A super promising dream pop band and not a frustrating retail job. I think so.

Megan Castillo / Recovering Crust Punk / KSUB Reporter


2 thoughts on “Not just a place in Poulsbo you’ve never visited: Lemolo at Capitol Hill Block Party

  1. Yvonne - Meagan's great auntie says:

    Just love Lemolo – we’ll be there to see Meagan live – great write up too. And by the way did you know that not only is Meagan a Seattle U grad, she was the only one out of her entire graduating class to get a 4.0 and receive the President’s award? Look it up, I bet you didn’t know that 🙂

    • ksubseattle says:

      We didn’t know that, Yvonne! Thank you so much for telling us, that’s really cool info to have! It sounds like Meagan is talented in a lot of different facets of her life and we’re so glad that she’s making music with her talent. Thank you so much for reading and commenting for sure (:

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