Pop Beats With an Indie Feel: Tanlines at Capitol Hill Block Party

CHBP Set Time: 6:10 – 6:40PM Sunday July 27th The Vera Stage

With complex electric drums, and great keyboard work Tanlines makes you feel like you’ve spent the whole day in the sun drinking lemonade and eating pizza. A consistent singer in the band separates them from other electric bands that have different singers on each song, or simply use samples.

A duo from New York, Tanlines is an unexpected breath of electronic indie. It combines very full old sounds that are bright and poppy with new indie sounds of picture filters and good times. Tanlines is a great crossover band from electronic to indie, from classic to new school, from bands like the DoDo’s to bands like Tennis.

I am very interested in this band’s stage presence and whether they play instruments live or simply DJ it live. I would love to see a live keyboard or guitar but I would be just as excited to see a very lively DJ performance.

Marcus Shriver / A Video Game Builder / KSUB Community Outreach Director


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