A$AP Ferg- Am I turnt enough for ya yet?

A$AP Ferg was ready to get turnt when he took the stage at CHBP but we, the audience, just couldn’t make it happen. After every song, and sometimes half way through a song, Ferg would say something to the effect of “we need to get [effin’] turnt up in here” or “y’all ain’t turnt up enough yet”. But Ferg did little to facilitate the Turnting. His songs were slow and his energy was lazy. Some members of the crowd were vibing, dancing, and getting turnt in some kind of direction but I really could get hyped to lyrics like “she sucked my dick, sucked my dick, suck my dick”. I guess I just couldn’t relate. But I think Ferg got turned up enough eventually here in Seattle, he posted later on in the weekend on Instagram that he enjoyed a nice dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Now that’s turnt.

-Megan Castillo/ Turnt if I could/ KSUB Reporter


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