A Majestic Journey From One Place to Another

Coverage on the Gigantic Bicycle Festival August 22-24th

In a mere two days, August 23rd, KSUB reporters Marcus Shriver and Megan Castillo will embarking on a treacherous venture, one using the public transportation system, and one, voluntarily using a two wheeled manual simple machine that one might call a bicycle. Each will travel from Seattle to Snoqualmie to see the wonders of the Gigantic Bicycle Festival. The Gigantic Bicycle Festival will offer treasures of music, food, and bicycle culture that will surely be worth the trip. The question is can they make it?

Megan, with an outter framed back pack will be carrying all of the camping supplies needed for the two to camp and survive for two days in the mild weather of Snoqualmie, from her abode in Seattle, through the convenient yet awkwardly smelling public transit system to arrive at base camp.

Marcus, equipped with a bicycle; spandex shorts; a weirdly fitting zip down shirt; and water to allow him to take on this ridiculous endeavor, will be enduring a 77 mile bike ride, beautifully set out by the Gigantic Bicycle Festival.

With confidence these two titans, using the word loosely, will embark on the adventure of a lifetime(or at least the weekend). Each has trained for months for this day. Megan spent months getting on and off the bus, choosing odd bus routes, and carrying back packs. And Marcus spent these past months trying to build up the confidence in his thighs to wear spandex. Individually this will be difficult, but together it will be slightly less difficult. The battles will be fought, but the war will be certainly lost to copious amounts of sunscreen. The path less taken, will still be left un-taken. The forbidden fruit, that has been so cruelly ignored, will be not tasted but, puréed, drenched in sugar, and covered up by the taste of fruits that actually taste good, in a mixed berry pie of hope and solitude. The trip will be taken. And YOU…. Can follow it all on our Instagram and twitter seeing bands like Telekinesis, Menonema, Hey Marseilles, Bright Lites, and The Moondoggies, as well as all of the other silly debacles that these two mischievous reporters will get in to. Don’t miss out on the action, because it will surely leave for wonderful stories that will last for generations, if they are into this sort of thing.

-Marcus Shriver / The Captain of a raft / KSUB Promotions Director


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