Glam n’ Punx: A Preview of the Ex Hex and Speedy Ortiz show at Barboza on October 18th 

Ex Hex makes music that you always wish you were cool enough to make. With punk lyrics and highly distorted instruments that are complimented with poppy sounds, Ex Hex makes me want to wear a nice light blue vinyl suit and then tear it up in a happy mosh pit. Are heavy mosh pits a thing on Capitol Hill? Though moshing may not be a thing, I am still very excited to see Ex Hex, not only because I want to be in their “crew,” but I also really love Speedy Ortiz who is opening for them.

Speedy Ortiz is a bit less poppy but in no way is their music less catchy. I have had the song American Horror off of their album Real Hair stuck in my head for weeks. Not weeks… but months… It’s actually still in my head, but I ain’t mad bro. The gainy instrumentals and the relatable lyrics mix together to speak to not only my snarky ironic Capitol Hill half of my personality but also to the half that doesn’t want any interaction ever again.

Now I say this not to simply point it out, because I am sure if you are planning on going to these shows you know. I am also not saying this to put this concert into some little niche of music. But this show is also full of front women.  Not the stereotypical hyper masculine sexually aggressive frontman, nor the sexualized frontwoman dating her white, male bandmates(not saying that this is a bad thing. Swearin’ is a great example of an amazing frontwoman who also happens to be dating a bandmate). Ex Hex has a personality that can only be brought out by the members of the band. I wouldn’t know how to duplicate it and I would never try. Speedy Ortiz demands attention and it is demanded by the power of the Sadie Dupuis.

These bands are quirky, but don’t call it a shtick because the music is awesome.

Check out some videos from these bands below:

Marcus Shriver / A Leaf On Another Leaf / KXSU Promotions and Live Event Director


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