J&J Do King Tuff

It was as if the world was underwater when King Tuff came to town. Rain was coming from just about every direction, and admittedly, it was almost enough to keep them from going to the show. They were home, bundled up with familiar friends and familiar cup cozies, sipping away as Zeus bellowed outside. Jash humbly glanced at her watch and weakly whispered, “I think we should go now.”

Jash followed Jamimiah down a soggy cigarette ridden street and arrived at the planet Neumos. They waltzed in. Jamimiah found a spot up front and unveiled her camera (*see photos), while Jash picked her nose. Before they knew it, opening band, La Sera, spritely bounced on stage.

Photo: Gabriela D'Elia

Photo: Gabriela D’Elia

Front woman Katy Goodman led the band with a cheerful energy. Bopping around stage, they were shocked to discover that her bangs never moved. Even more so were they shocked about Goodman’s soft vocals that juxtaposed the grittier sound of the instruments, let alone the grittier sound of King Tuff. The pack of swooning boys by her feet was a clear testament of her talent. After many sweet thank you’s, La Sera left the stage.

Photo: Gabriela D'Elia

Photo: Gabriela D’Elia

Jash looked at Jamimiah and Jamimiah looked at Jash. They found themselves both staring at the band hand who was prudently setting up a coconut water and a glass between the drummer’s stool and monitor. Jash looked at Jamimiah and Jamimiah looked at Jash. Were they at the right show? With a loud hootenanny they found out they were.

Photo : Gabriela D'Elia

Photo : Gabriela D’Elia

Based off their latest album, Black Moon Spell, fans were expecting a sort of in-your-face-I-hate-you-just-kidding-I-love-you-haha performance. The band’s live act proved to remain creepy but heartwarming as Jash and Jamimiah watched them play with utter joy and delight. It seemed as the band was having a riot, as their pleasure was apparent in both appearance and sound. Playing favorites new and old, like “Headbanger,” “Demon From Hell,” “Sun Medallion,” and Jash and Jamimiah’s personal favorite, “Alone and Stoned,” King Tuff did good.

Gabriela D’Elia | Jamimiah | KXSU DJ & Training Director

Rowan Walton | Jash | KXSU DJ & Promotions Director


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