Short Run Long Fun

Last Saturday November 15th was Short Run and there was a lot more in store than I could ever have imagined. The historic and beautiful Washington Hall was packed with tables hosting vendors of all sorts showing off their work. Artists (who were all suuuuper nice) peddled zines, postcards, patches, stickers, books and tote bags all made with extreme craftsmanship. The variety of products was echoed in the variety of subject matter. The topics of the work stretched from biking to body positivity and every science fiction, pop culture, and queer friendly reference in-between. I was most intrigued by the artists who focused on women’s issues aka Girl Power and/or sexuality, reproductive heath, and being fabulous.

Lots of vendors also had free postcards or free short zines so of course I collected as many of those as possible. All vendors accepted cash and a few were able to swipe credit cards making it easy for me to pick up a couple other things that I totally didn’t need but I’m not sure how I was living without. Short Run also had that swaggiest bake sale going on that I have ever seen (designer cupcakes and Stumptown?!?) plus interactive/community/fun time stuff like writing exercises and a comic book lounge. All in all Short Run was killer and I’m already pumped for next year.

Megan Castillo / World’s Worst Everything / KXSU Reporter


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