OMG What was I thinking? – A review of King Lear at the Moore Theatre

Tuesday night the 25th, I went to see Shakespeare’s King Lear at the Moore Theatre. This was a traveling show put on by Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. They had never come to Seattle before and were only going to be at the Moore for two nights. I was genuinely very excited as we took our seats in the theatre but that excitement quickly turned to four hours of confusion and self hatred.

I couldn’t understand anything anyone was saying. Shakespeare is hard, people!! And the English accents don’t make it any easier. I don’t know why I thought I would be able to understand Shakespeare here and now any better than I did trying to read it in high school. Watching Shakespeare live requires a lot of active listening. I don’t think I will ever see Shakespeare again unless I’ve read through the play extensively and ingested like ten cappuccinos beforehand.

But my ineptitudes aside, I could tell the play was great. The actors were all very talented. Every once and a while I would get swept up in the emotion of a scene even though I had no fucking clue what was going on. The actors also all played instruments and did a little bit of dancing which was so splendid. They also paid homage to the original outdoor Globe theatre by keeping the house lights on so it felt like being outside, which set a great energy out into the audience.

Long story short, it was close to the most painful four hours of my life but that was my fault, not the very talented actors of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Megan Castillo / Black Constellation Wannabe / KXSU Reporter


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