FUCK WRINKLES : A Preview of the 21+ Wrinkles and Albatross show at Barboza on February 8th

If you are reading this article and have association with KXSU you may very well know who WRINKLES is, what they do, and why they slay the dream pop world. If by some odd happening you don’t know who WRINKLES is, you are in the correct place, because you could have two chances to see them this weekend. On Friday Feb 6th WRINKLES will be the most matured of the bands at Seattle University’s Battle of the Bands, and Feb 8th you can see them in a whole new light playing a 21+ gig at Barboza. Either way you will see an awesomely energetic band with some quirks and interesting sounds.

Wrinkles is described as dream pop for a reason. They have a tad bit of a folky sound sometimes but really stick to heavy keyboard and slightly funky guitar parts. The drumming is soft but substantial and very well timed. Bass-wise, this band is the DESTROYER of other bands. I say this because with some isolation of the bass the band is very circulated around the bass parts which I think is totally rad and should probably happen more often in the world. The world is like a desert of strong bass and keyboard and WRINKLES is that dreamy fountain of cold water that you find, yet instead of drinking it right away, you call all your friends and have a pool party, because drinking pool water is unchill. Unfortunately I am still a tad parched from WRINKLES because the only have one public song. FUCK WRINKLES. But seriously, a pretty cool band.


Albatross is going to be opening for WRINKLES. If you go to Seattle University and haven’t heard of Albatross, I invite you to go on a retreat to find yourself, discern a bit, and then come back to Seattle University as a different person, because you don’t want to be the person that doesn’t know who Albatross is, no one likes that person. Albatross is a heavy folk rock band that was the original brain child of Chris Schaaberg but has now become a 3 piece, drifting to a much fuller sound that makes it difficult for anyone to describe. Originally the band started as a pretty folk punky band, but now with a full guitar, bass, and drum sound, it is more classic punky, but I aside from some of their lyrics I would not call them punk music. Albatross released their latest self-titled album in 2013 and plan on releasing some new music sometime soon. The recordings they have do the band quality-wise as they are very good live, however, the music will sound much different live due to the change of direction the band has taken. Albatross opening for WRINKLES will be an interesting transition as they are much different genres but the tempo of the two will compliment well and Barboza will be where all the cool kids are at. Unfortunately for you youngins it is 21+ because it is at Barboza.


Marcus Shriver / KXSU Live Events Coordinator


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