A Preview of the Ariel Pink show at Neumos on February 10th

Have midterms got you down? Have you found yourself craving a ludicrously debaucherous night with an artist recently cited as the “most hated man in indie rock?” You’re in luck, because Beverly Hills’ resident psych pop avant-gardian/schnitzel loving nymphomaniac Ariel Pink is paying a visit to Neumos on Tuesday evening.

Equally lauded as an eccentric genius of modern music and decried as a sophomoric crackpot, Pink is at the very least an endlessly intriguing player in today’s musical sphere. Pink is riding the release of last November’s pom pom, his first release since ditching his Haunted Graffiti backup band, which has been met with considerable acclaim from a number of music publications. Pom pom marks a significant departure from the comparatively lo-fi aesthetic of Haunted Graffiti era releases like 2010’s Before Today, and finds Pink at his most self-mythologizing, delving with vigor into his most eccentric pop compulsions.


If you find yourself at Neumos on Tuesday night, don’t hesitate to say “hey,” I’ll likely be the only dude in a size XXXL Keithly Electric construction worker’s shirt (complete with reflective stripes). If nothing else, I can guarantee it’ll be a greasy night.

Ariel Pink will be playing an all ages show at Neumos on February 10th; doors open at 8 pm. Jack Name will be the featured opener.


Dylan Gnatz / Import-Export Magnate of Vandelay Industries / KXSU Staff Write


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